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He, Kekang - A Theory of Creative Thinking, ebook

A Theory of Creative Thinking

He, Kekang


Past and Present of Creative Thinking Research
Kekang He
4. A Model of Creative Thinking
Kekang He
5. Theoretical Basis of Creative Thinking Model
Kekang He
6. Cultivation of Creative Thinking

Edberg, Hélène - Creative Writing for Critical Thinking, ebook

Creative Writing for Critical Thinking

Edberg, Hélène


Creative Writing and Critical Thinking: From a Romantic to a Sociocritical View on Creative Writing
Hélène Edberg
3. Basic Outlines of the Research
Hélène Edberg
4. Discoursal Identity and Subject
Hélène Edberg
5. Text as a Site of

Cox, David - Creative Thinking For Dummies, ebook

Creative Thinking For Dummies

Cox, David


Creative thinking made easy
Being creative can be tough - and trying to come up with great ideas under pressure can leave the great ideas under wraps! Creative Thinking For Dummies helps you apply creative

Flew, Terry - Global Creative Industries, ebook

Global Creative Industries

Flew, Terry


The creative industries are the subject of growing attention among policy-makers, academics, activists, artists and development specialists worldwide. This engaging book provides a global overview of developments in the creative industries, and analyses

Peters, Michael A. - The Creative University, ebook

The Creative University

Peters, Michael A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael A. Peters, Tina Besley
2. The Changing Geo-politics of Creativity
Simon Marginson
3. Beautiful Minds and Ugly Buildings
Peter Murphy
4. Thinking through the Humanities to the Creative University
Brian Opie
5. Reflecting on a Complex Terrain