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Kwo, Ora - Teachers as Learners, ebook

Teachers as Learners

Kwo, Ora


Understanding Korean Children’s L2 Dialogue Journals: Towards a Model of Creative Apprenticeship for Integrating Teaching and Learning
Kim Mi-Song
5. Teaching about Indigenous Forms of Knowledge: Insights from Non-Indigenous Teachers of Visual Arts Education

Alexander, Jenny - Media, Margins and Civic Agency, ebook

Media, Margins and Civic Agency

Alexander, Jenny


The Rise of ‘Creative Diversity’ in Media Policy
Sarita Malik
8. Victims at the Margins? A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Primary Sources in Reporting Personal Tragedy in Norway and the UK
Jackie Newton, Lene Brennodden
9. Public Service from

Broadhurst, Susan - Digital Bodies, ebook

Digital Bodies

Broadhurst, Susan


Bodies in Light: Mediating States of Presence
Michaela French
7. The Embodiment of Time
Helga Schmid
8. Machinising Humans and Humanising Machines: Emotional Relationships Mediated by Technology and Material Experience
Caroline Yan Zheng

Hardy, Pip - Digital Storytelling in Higher Education, ebook

Digital Storytelling in Higher Education

Hardy, Pip


“Now I See”: Digital Storytelling for Mediating Interprofessional Collaboration
Grete Jamissen, Mike Moulton
18. Ageing Narratives: Embedding Digital Storytelling Within the Higher Education Curriculum of Health and Social Care with Older People

Xie, Anne - Advances in Electrical Engineering and Automation, ebook

Advances in Electrical Engineering and Automation

Xie, Anne


The Impact of Entrepreneurial Learning on Entrepreneurial Performance: The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Competencies
Xiaoxia Zhang
35. Study on the Influence of Corporate Knowledge Integration on Operational Performance-Using Trust as a Moderator Variable