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Celikates, Robin - Global Cultures of Contestation, ebook

Global Cultures of Contestation

Celikates, Robin


Introduction: Global Cultures of Contestation
Esther Peeren, Robin Celikates, Jeroen Kloet, Thomas Poell
2. The Square and Beyond: Trajectories and Implications of the Square Occupations
Marlies Glasius, Armine Ishkanian
3. Weak Resistance in Semi-Peripheries:

Leong, Samuel - Creative Arts in Education and Culture, ebook

Creative Arts in Education and Culture

Leong, Samuel


Table of contents
Part I. Overview
1. Creative Arts, Education, and Culture in Global Perspective
Patricia Shehan Campbell
2. National Acts for Transmission of Chinese Culture and Heritage in Arts Education
Shengjian Guo
3. Cultural Policy and the Development of Local Cultures in Hong Kong
Samuel Leong

Tomlinson, Barbara - Authors on Writing, ebook

Authors on Writing

Tomlinson, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barbara Tomlinson
Part I. Metaphor and Cultures of Composing
2. Composing and Metaphoricity
Barbara Tomlinson
3. Multiple Truths and Metaphorical Models
Barbara Tomlinson
4. Metaphorics of Embodied Labor
Barbara Tomlinson
5. Metaphorics of Discursive Sociality

Damrosch, David - How to Read World Literature, ebook

How to Read World Literature

Damrosch, David


Offers a unique set of "modes of entry” for readers encountering foreign literatureProvides readers with the tools to think creatively and systematically about key issues such as reading across time and cultures, reading