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Eisner, Howard - Managing Complex Systems: Thinking Outside the Box, ebook

Managing Complex Systems: Thinking Outside the Box

Eisner, Howard


Nine innovative methods to think outside the box and solve complex system problems
Managing Complex Systems provides specific tools and guidance needed to be a more creative and innovative thinker. Following the author's methodology, the reader will be better able to devise and implement

Ballast, David Kent - Interior Detailing: Concept to Construction, ebook

Interior Detailing: Concept to Construction

Ballast, David Kent


The all-in-one interior detailing guide that unites creative and technical aspects
A well-executed interior space requires the successful combination of the creative and the technical. Interior Detailing bridges the gap between design and construction,

Leikin, Roza - Creativity and Giftedness, ebook

Creativity and Giftedness

Leikin, Roza


Teacher’s Views on Modeling as a Creative Mathematical Activity
Gudbjorg Palsdottir, Bharath Sriraman
5. The Prominence of Affect in Creativity: Expanding the Conception of Creativity in Mathematical Problem Solving
Eric L. Mann, Scott A. Chamberlin,

Susman, Kathleen M. - Discovery-Based Learning in the Life Sciences, ebook

Discovery-Based Learning in the Life Sciences

Susman, Kathleen M.


Discovery-Based Learning in the Life Sciences presents a different way of organizing and developing biology teaching laboratories, to promote both deep learning and understanding of core concepts, while still teaching the creative process of science.
In eight chapters,

Bartling, Sönke - Opening Science, ebook

Opening Science

Bartling, Sönke


(Micro)Blogging Science? Notes on Potentials and Constraints of New Forms of Scholarly Communication
Cornelius Puschmann
7. Academia Goes Facebook? The Potential of Social Network Sites in the Scholarly Realm
Michael Nentwich, René König
8. Reference

Kwan, Stephen K. - Global Perspectives on Service Science: Japan, ebook

Global Perspectives on Service Science: Japan

Kwan, Stephen K.


Quest for Equation of Life: Scientific Constraints on How We Spend Our Time
Kazuo Yano
Part VI. Industry
15. The Spread of Services and Consumer Value Co-Creation
Makoto Usui
16. Sustainability and Scalability in Japanese Creative Services