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Shoup, Kate - Windows 7 Digital Classroom, ebook

Windows 7 Digital Classroom

Shoup, Kate


Bring the classroom to your home with this training DVD and full-color instructional book!
Windows 7 is the much-anticipated new operating system from Microsoft and is packed with new features and capabilities. With this book-and-DVD combination,…

Flew, Terry - Global Creative Industries, ebook

Global Creative Industries

Flew, Terry


The creative industries are the subject of growing attention among policy-makers, academics, activists, artists and development specialists worldwide. This engaging book provides a global overview of developments in the creative industries, and analyses

Keane, Michael - Creative Industries in China: Art, Design and Media, ebook

Creative Industries in China: Art, Design and Media

Keane, Michael


Creative industries in China provides a fresh account of China’s emerging commercial cultural sector. The author shows how developments in Chinese art, design and media industries are reflected in policy, in market activity, and grassroots participation.
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Johnson, Lois - Creative Curriculum KS1, ebook

Creative Curriculum KS1

Johnson, Lois


Creative Curriculum, teaching across the curriculum using a story, is a flexible series of resources aimed at encouraging a more creative and cross-curricular approach to teaching. By putting a story at the centre of learning a stimulus is provided to