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Totten, Chris - Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity, ebook

Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity

Totten, Chris


Game creation is a popular and productive pursuit for both hobbyists and serious developers; this guide brings together two effective tools to simplify and enhance the processArtists who are familiar with Blender or other 3D software but who lack experience with game

Budde, Florian - Value Creation: Strategies for the Chemical Industry, ebook

Value Creation: Strategies for the Chemical Industry

Budde, Florian


Written by a global team of top managers and senior McKinsey experts, this expanded and completely revised second edition provides a wide-ranging manual on the subject of value creation in the chemical industry.
Drawing on extensive first-hand management experience, several hundred

Poerksen, Bernhard - The Creation of Reality, ebook

The Creation of Reality

Poerksen, Bernhard


Constructivism has been traded as a new paradigm by its advocates, and criticised by its opponents as legitimating deceit and lies, as justifying a trendy post-modern "Anything goes". In this book, Bernhard Poerksen draws up a new rationale for constructivist…

Akhilesh, K.B. - Co-Creation and Learning, ebook

Co-Creation and Learning

Akhilesh, K.B.


Table of contents
1. Co-Creation
K. B. Akhilesh
2. Co-Creation and Learning
K. B. Akhilesh
3. Case Studies
K. B. Akhilesh
4. Co-Creation at Pegasus: A Study Project
K. B. Akhilesh

Glas, Gerrit - The Future of Creation Order, ebook

The Future of Creation Order

Glas, Gerrit


Introduction to the Philosophy of Creation Order, with Special Emphasis on the Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd
Gerrit Glas, Jeroen Ridder
Part I. The Concept of Creation Order
2. Natural Law, Metaphysics, and the Creator
Eleonore Stump
3. Is the

Proudfit, Scott - A History of Collective Creation, ebook

A History of Collective Creation

Proudfit, Scott


Collective Creation in Documentary Theatre
Attilio Favorini
Part II. Collective Creation’s Second Wave
7. Preface to Part II: Crossroads and Confluence, 1945–1985
Scott Proudfit, Kathryn Mederos Syssoyeva
8. Collective Creation