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Snelgrove, Kevin - The Country Music Quiz Book, ebook

The Country Music Quiz Book

Snelgrove, Kevin


Do you enjoy country music? Are you familiar with the names of all the best-loved country stars, past and present? Can you recall when your favourite country artists started

Mans, Minette - Music as Instrument of Diversity and Unity, ebook

Music as Instrument of Diversity and Unity

Mans, Minette


This report explores the interface between recent socio-political changes in Namibia, and the way they are reflected in emergent musical practices and identities within the country. The potential tension between unity and diversity is investigated within musical landscapes in traditional

Chitando, Ezra - Singing Culture: A Study of Gospel Music in Zimbabwe, ebook

Singing Culture: A Study of Gospel Music in Zimbabwe

Chitando, Ezra


This study examines the historical development, social, political and economic significance of gospel music in Zimbabwe. It approaches music with Christian theological ideas and popular appeal as a cultural phenomenon with manifold implications. Applying

, Beaudoin, Paul - Music in the USA : A Documentary Companion, ebook

Music in the USA : A Documentary Companion

, Beaudoin, Paul


Music in the USA: A Documentary Companion charts a path through American music and musical life using as guides the words of composers, performers, writers and the rest of us ordinary folks who sing, dance, and listen. The anthology of primary sources

Phillips, Mark - Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies, ebook

Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies

Phillips, Mark


Get the instruction you need to rock every type of Rock, including Classic Rock 'n' Roll, Modern Rock, and Country-Rock. Discover the Blues when you explore rhythm and lead techniques, signature riffs, and progressions. Then play along with popular Blues songs,including

Shonekan, Stephanie - Soul, Country, and the USA, ebook

Soul, Country, and the USA

Shonekan, Stephanie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Outside Looking In
Stephanie Shonekan
2. Folk Roots to Pop Masses: An Entangled History
Stephanie Shonekan
3. Money and Media: Radio; Television; Film Representations
Stephanie Shonekan