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Naidu, Sam - Sherlock Holmes in Context, ebook

Sherlock Holmes in Context

Naidu, Sam


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sam Naidu
2. “All that Matters is the Work”: Text and Adaptation in Sherlock
Ann McClellan
3. Clients Who Disappear and Colleagues Who Cannot Compete: Female Characters in the BBC’s Sherlock
Benedick Turner
4. “I, Too, Mourn the Loss”: Mrs. Hudson

Reiber, Beth - Frommer's® Tokyo, ebook

Frommer's® Tokyo

Reiber, Beth


 You'll get complete and clear directions to navigate Tokyo's best neighborhoods, from the swanky shops in the Ginza district to the Imperial Palace (home of Japan's emperor) in the Hibiya district; to the sumo wrestling stadiums in the town of Ryogoku; to the elaborate "lolita" (baby