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Taticchi, Paolo - Corporate Sustainability, ebook

Corporate Sustainability

Taticchi, Paolo


Integrating Sustainability in Capital Budgeting Decisions
Marinilka Barros Kimbro
6. A Study of Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Sustainability in Bradford, UK: An Economical and Environmentally Sustainable Opportunity

Rosenberg, Mike - Strategy and Sustainability, ebook

Strategy and Sustainability

Rosenberg, Mike


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mike Rosenberg
2. The Logic of Business: Governance and the Environment
Mike Rosenberg
3. Modes of Response
Mike Rosenberg
4. Strategic Issues
Mike Rosenberg
5. Strategic Options

Sarkar, Runa - Essays on Sustainability and Management, ebook

Essays on Sustainability and Management

Sarkar, Runa


Sustainability as a Normative Concept
1. Sustainable Development and the Concept of a Good Life
Anup Sinha
2. Sustainable Development and the Agenda of Global Social Justice
Nisigandha Bhuyan
3. Role of Religion in Conflict Prevention for Social

Dreesbach-Bundy, Suska - CSR und Corporate Volunteering, ebook

CSR und Corporate Volunteering

Dreesbach-Bundy, Suska


CV for HR: Potentiale von Corporate Volunteering für das Humanressourcenmanagement
Mirjam Rossa, Jonathan Przybylski
4. Corporate Volunteering in Deutschland
Dieter Schöffmann
5. Formate, Akteure, Praxis: Zum Stand von Corporate Volunteering