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Rajendra, Rajiv - The Handbook of Global Corporate Treasury, ebook

The Handbook of Global Corporate Treasury

Rajendra, Rajiv


A complete guide to operating a corporate treasury from a global perspective
For CFOs and treasurers looking to re-align their treasuries with the growth of the global firm, bankers who seek to maximize the value they create for clients, treasury and finance firm employees, and even finance

Idowu, Samuel O. - Corporate Social Responsibility, ebook

Corporate Social Responsibility

Idowu, Samuel O.


Practical Corporate Social Responsibility
1. Imagined Communities Incorporated: Corporate Social Responsibility and Value Creation in a Globalised World
Sarah Buckler
2. Financial Capabilities and Poverty Alleviation:

Farnsworth, Kevin - Social versus Corporate Welfare, ebook

Social versus Corporate Welfare

Farnsworth, Kevin


The Political Economy of Social-Corporate Welfare States
Kevin Farnsworth
3. Competing Interests within the Globalised Welfare State
Kevin Farnsworth
4. Varieties of Support within Various Capitalisms