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Brink, Alexander - Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, ebook

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Brink, Alexander


The Globalisation of Corporate Governance? Irresistible Markets Meet Immovable Institutions
Thomas Clarke
2. Regulation Complexity and the Costs of Governance
Steen Thomsen
3. Corporate Governance as an Institution to Overcome Social Dilemmas

Holzinger, Markus - Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance, ebook

Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance

Holzinger, Markus


The Path to Corporate Responsibility
Simon Zadek
14. The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits
Milton Friedman
15. Pan-European Approach. A Conceptual Framework for Understanding CSR
Dirk Matten, Jeremy Moon
16. Corporate

Capaldi, Nicholas - Dimensional Corporate Governance, ebook

Dimensional Corporate Governance

Capaldi, Nicholas


Justifying CEO Pay Ratios: Analysing Corporate Responses to Bloomberg’s Listing of Standard & Poor’s 500 Pay Ratios
Manuel Castelo Branco, Catarina Delgado
3. The Banality of Good and Evil: Ethics Courses in Business

Henn, Stephen K. - Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach, ebook

Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach

Henn, Stephen K.


An important guide for senior management on structuring an organization to promote ethical behavior and enhance performance
Designed for senior leaders of organizations–boards of directors; C-level executives; trustees; managing partners; government officials; and anyone tasked with a duty–Business Ethics:

Billias, Nancy - The Ethics of Silence, ebook

The Ethics of Silence

Billias, Nancy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nancy Billias, Sivaram Vemuri
2. Working with Silence
Nancy Billias, Sivaram Vemuri
3. Whose Silence? Hearing Echoes of Disembodied Trauma (Argentina)
Nancy Billias, Sivaram Vemuri
4. Silence…

Teays, Wanda - Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach, ebook

Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach

Teays, Wanda


Movies can be a powerful teaching tool in Business Ethics. The actions of characters in films compellingly portray the ethical quandaries and moral decision-making that play out in the modern workplace. But what can Salmon Fishing in Yemen tell us about the recent European

Melé, Domènec - Management Ethics, ebook

Management Ethics

Melé, Domènec


Basic Ethics for Good Management
Domènec Melé
3. Ethics in Managerial Decision-making
Domènec Melé
4. Centrality of the Person in Management
Domènec Melé
5. Managing Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability