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Stanford, Naomi - Corporate Culture: Getting It Right, ebook

Corporate Culture: Getting It Right

Stanford, Naomi


How corporate culture affects a company's long-term success
Today, more and more managers are learning that an organization's culture matters, and are, therefore, putting greater emphasis improving their company

Su, Yong - Modern Oriental Corporate Culture, ebook

Modern Oriental Corporate Culture

Su, Yong


Assimilating Chinese and Western Cultures at Hainan Airlines (HNA)
Yong Su, Lanjian Chen
8. Building a World Famous Kangnai Group Based on a Family Culture
Yong Su, Lanjian Chen
9. College Mental Management
Yong Su, Lanjian Chen

Swanson, Diane L. - Embedding CSR into Corporate Culture, ebook

Embedding CSR into Corporate Culture

Swanson, Diane L.


Table of contents
1. A Call for Socially Responsible Corporate Leadership
Diane L. Swanson
2. Images of the Self: Toward a Model of CSR Leadership
Diane L. Swanson
3. Corporate Social Performance: The Context for CSR Leadership
Diane L. Swanson
4. Leading Socially Neglectful, Alienated Organizations

Capaldi, Nicholas - Dimensional Corporate Governance, ebook

Dimensional Corporate Governance

Capaldi, Nicholas


Justifying CEO Pay Ratios: Analysing Corporate Responses to Bloomberg’s Listing of Standard & Poor’s 500 Pay Ratios
Manuel Castelo Branco, Catarina Delgado
3. The Banality of Good and Evil: Ethics Courses in Business Management Education
Mary Godwyn

Noronha, Carlos - Corporate Social Disclosure, ebook

Corporate Social Disclosure

Noronha, Carlos


Corporate Social Disclosure in China
2. The Trend of Corporate Social Disclosure in Mainland Chinese Listed Companies: A Longitudinal Observation
Cynthia M. I. Si Tou, Carlos Noronha
3. Corporate Social Disclosure and

Yan, Yanni - Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance in China, ebook

Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance in China

Yan, Yanni


Table of contents
Part I. Foreign Investment in Transitional Economies
1. The Rise of the Transitional Economies
Yanni Yan
2. Foreign Direct Investment
Yanni Yan
Part II. Building Blocks for Corporate Governance
3. Building Blocks for National Institutions
Yanni Yan
4. Building Blocks for Corporate