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Harris, Lesley Ellen - Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition, ebook

Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition

Harris, Lesley Ellen


An updated guide to Canadian copyright law for an age of reckless infringement
This fourth edition of Canadian Copyright Law brings you the latest updates according to new Canadian legislation and international agreements. Copyright

Pitt, Ivan L. - Economic Analysis of Music Copyright, ebook

Economic Analysis of Music Copyright

Pitt, Ivan L.


Economics of Music Copyright: Income, Media, and Performances
Ivan L. Pitt
2. Economic Analysis of Music Copyright:Music Users
Ivan L. Pitt
3. Economic Analysis of Music Copyright: Music Publishers
Ivan L.

Mahalwar, Vandana - Copyright Law in the Digital World, ebook

Copyright Law in the Digital World

Mahalwar, Vandana


Idea-Expression Dichotomy and Originality Requirements for Copyright Protection: An Analysis of the Jurisprudential Underpinnings of the Judicial Pronouncements in India
T. G. Agitha
2. The Economics of Intellectual Property and Economic Entrepreneurship of

Cvetkovski, Trajce - Copyright and Popular Media, ebook

Copyright and Popular Media

Cvetkovski, Trajce


Global Governance: Regulation of Copyright Law and Policy in Popular Media Copyright Industries
Trajce Cvetkovski
3. Corporate Control of Popular Media (and Culture): Competition Law and Policy in Popular Culture
Trajce Cvetkovski
Part II. Problems

Hilty, Reto M. - Remuneration of Copyright Owners, ebook

Remuneration of Copyright Owners

Hilty, Reto M.


Remaining Scopes for Collective Management of Copyright in the Online World
Sylvie Nérisson
5. Effects and Potential of Extended Collective License Systems
Felix Trumpke
6. Reference Points for and Obligors of Levies in the Online-World: Should ISPs

Guo, Yimeei - Modern China’s Copyright Law and Practice, ebook

Modern China’s Copyright Law and Practice

Guo, Yimeei


Table of contents
1. Copyright Object
Yimeei Guo
2. Copyright Subject
Yimeei Guo
3. Copyright Content
Yimeei Guo
4. Copyright Limitations
Yimeei Guo
5. Neighbouring Rights
Yimeei Guo
6. Copyright Infringement and Enforcement
Yimeei Guo
7. Collective Management Societies

Ramalho, Ana - The Competence of the European Union in Copyright Lawmaking, ebook

The Competence of the European Union in Copyright Lawmaking

Ramalho, Ana


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ana Ramalho
2. A Normative Gap in Copyright Lawmaking?
Ana Ramalho
3. Colonizing the Normative Gap: The Intervention of the Court of Justice
Ana Ramalho
4. Minding the Normative Gap: The EU Treaties
Ana Ramalho
5. Bridging the Normative Gap: Proposed Benchmarks