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Bowman-James, Kristin - Anion Coordination Chemistry, ebook

Anion Coordination Chemistry

Bowman-James, Kristin


Written by the international anion coordination experts, this book includes all the recent advances in this emerging interdisciplinary field. The topics range from ion channels to selective sensors, making it attractive to all researchers and PhD students with an interest in supramolecular

Lawrance, Geoffrey A. - Introduction to Coordination Chemistry, ebook

Introduction to Coordination Chemistry

Lawrance, Geoffrey A.

From 50,40€

At the heart of coordination chemistry lies the coordinate bond, in its simplest sense arising from donation of a pair of electrons from a donor atom to an empty orbital on a central metalloid or metal. Metals overwhelmingly exist as their cations, but

Olah, George A. - Hypercarbon Chemistry, ebook

Hypercarbon Chemistry

Olah, George A.


This book is a comprehensive and contemporary treatment of the chemistry of alkanes, alkenes, dienes, acetylenes and aromatics. It covers all major aspects of the chemistry involved in hydrocarbon transformations. Each chapter deals with a specific type

Gielen, Marcel - Tin Chemistry: Fundamentals, Frontiers, and Applications, ebook

Tin Chemistry: Fundamentals, Frontiers, and Applications

Gielen, Marcel


Tin chemistry retains a place in contemporary science as an important element owing to its wide range of applications. New and exciting research is being generated on an annual basis from all parts of the world – the study of tin and its compounds attracts considerable interest from

Gielen, Marcel - Fluxional Organometallic and Coordination Compounds, ebook

Fluxional Organometallic and Coordination Compounds

Gielen, Marcel


Physical organometallic chemistry aims to develop new insights and to promote novel interest and investigations applicable to organometallic chemistry.
This volume focuses on several important topics on fluxionality in organometallic and coordination