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Mohamoda, Dahilon Yassin - Nile Basin Cooperation: A Review of the Literature, ebook

Nile Basin Cooperation: A Review of the Literature

Mohamoda, Dahilon Yassin


Two interrelated developments can be identified in the Nile basin, during the last decade: an emphasis on potential conflict over the Nile waters on the one hand, and an evolving process of basin-wide cooperation on the other. The history of the Nile basin is dominated by tensions and conflicts.

Weiers, Georg - Innovation Through Cooperation, ebook

Innovation Through Cooperation

Weiers, Georg


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction
Georg Weiers
Part II. The Emergence of an Idea Economy
2. Economic Evolution
Georg Weiers
3. The Entrepreneurial Society
Georg Weiers
4. Open Innovation

Cohen, Daniel - Homo Economicus: The (Lost) Prophet of Modern Times, ebook

Homo Economicus: The (Lost) Prophet of Modern Times

Cohen, Daniel


As human beings have an extraordinary ability to adapt, he argues that we need to rebalance the relation between competition and cooperation in favour of the latter.
This thought-provoking analysis of our contemporary predicament will be of great value to anyone

Hulst, Rudie - Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe, ebook

Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe

Hulst, Rudie


Inter-Municipal Cooperation: A Widespread Phenomenon
Rudie Hulst, André van Montfort
2. Belgium: Flemish Inter-Municipal Cooperation Under Reform
Bart de Peuter, Ellen Wayenberg
3. Inter-Municipal Cooperation

Swianiewicz, Pawel - Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe, ebook

Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe

Swianiewicz, Pawel


Inter-municipal Cooperation and Austerity Policies: Obstacles or Opportunities?
Ringa Raudla, António F. Tavares
3. Actors in Inter-municipal Cooperation
Pawel Swianiewicz
4. A Borrowed Mandate? Democratic Legitimacy of Inter-municipal Entities: A

Sussman, Robert W. - Origins of Altruism and Cooperation, ebook

Origins of Altruism and Cooperation

Sussman, Robert W.


Introduction: Cooperation and Altruism
Robert W. Sussman, C. Robert Cloninger
2. Cooperation, Altruism, and Human Evolution: Introduction Part I
Ian Tattersall
3. The Influence of Predation on Primate and Early Human Evolution: Impetus for Cooperation

Ranck, Jody - Disruptive Cooperation in Digital Health, ebook

Disruptive Cooperation in Digital Health

Ranck, Jody


Disruptive Cooperation: Innovation for Health’s Wicked Problems
Jody Ranck
2. Patients, Platforms, and Wearables: Co-creating Value from Health Data and Wearables
Jody Ranck
3. Rise of the e-Patient and Citizen-Centric Public Health
Jody Ranck

Kasabov, Edward - Rural Cooperation in Europe, ebook

Rural Cooperation in Europe

Kasabov, Edward


Cooperation in Rural and Peripheral Areas: Conceptual Issues, Approaches, and Challenges
2. The Character of Rural Business Relations
Robert Newbery, Gary Bosworth
3. Institutional Cooperation and Service Delivery in