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Hülsmann, Michael - Autonomous Cooperation and Control in Logistics, ebook

Autonomous Cooperation and Control in Logistics

Hülsmann, Michael


Autonomous and Central Control of Production Networks
Sergey Dashkovskiy, Andrii Mironchenko, Lars Naujok
5. Approaching the Application Borders of Network Capacity Control in Road Haulage
Jörn Schönberger, Herbert Kopfer
6. Limit and Degree of Autonomy

Heitmeyer, Wilhelm - Control of Violence, ebook

Control of Violence

Heitmeyer, Wilhelm


Self-Control and the Management of Violence
Charles R. Tittle
5. Self-Control, Conscience, and Criminal Violence: Some Preliminary Considerations
Helmut Thome
6. Reading Religious Violence in Terms of Theories of