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Glasnov, Toma - Continuous-Flow Chemistry in the Research Laboratory, ebook

Continuous-Flow Chemistry in the Research Laboratory

Glasnov, Toma


Table of contents
1. Continuous Flow Synthesis: A Short Perspective
Toma Glasnov
2. Equipment Overview
Toma Glasnov
3. Organic Synthesis in Dedicated Continuous Flow Systems
Toma Glasnov
4. Organic Synthesis in Dedicated Continuous Flow Systems
Toma Glasnov
5. Organic Synthesis in Dedicated

Baker, A. J. - Optimal Modified Continuous Galerkin CFD, ebook

Optimal Modified Continuous Galerkin CFD

Baker, A. J.


Covers the theory and applications of using weak form theory in incompressible fluid-thermal sciences
Giving you a solid foundation on the Galerkin finite-element method (FEM), this book promotes the use of optimal modified continuous Galerkin weak form theory to generate discrete approximate

Albers, Bettina - Continuous Media with Microstructure 2, ebook

Continuous Media with Microstructure 2

Albers, Bettina


A Monatomic Ideal Gas—Prototype of a Continuous Medium with Microstructure
Ingo Müller
12. From Second Law Violations to Continuum Mechanics
Martin Ostoja-Starzewski
13. Phase Change Materials and Thermochemical Materials for Large-Scale Energy Storage

Zgurovsky, Mikhail Z. - Continuous and Distributed Systems, ebook

Continuous and Distributed Systems

Zgurovsky, Mikhail Z.


Dynamics of Vortices in Near-Wall Flows with Irregular Boundaries
I. M. Gorban, O. V. Khomenko
10. Strongly Convergent Algorithms for Variational Inequality Problem Over the Set of Solutions the Equilibrium Problems
Vladimir V. Semenov
Part III. Long-time

Dietrich, Thomas - Microchemical Engineering in Practice, ebook

Microchemical Engineering in Practice

Dietrich, Thomas


There are guidelines on calculating the costs and the risks of production using continuous flow microreactors. Complete with case studies, this is an essential guide for chemists and engineers interested in investigating the advantages

Mehmood, Ahmer - Viscous Flows, ebook

Viscous Flows

Mehmood, Ahmer


Viscous Flow Due to Moving Continuous Surfaces
Ahmer Mehmood
2. Governing Equations
Ahmer Mehmood
3. The Concept of Self-similarity
Ahmer Mehmood
4. Solution Techniques
Ahmer Mehmood
Part II. Self-similar Flows
5. The Criterion of

Ambrosio, Luigi - Gradient Flows, ebook

Gradient Flows

Ambrosio, Luigi


Gradient Flow in the Space of Probability Measures
7. Preliminary Results on Measure Theory
8. The Optimal Transportation Problem
9. The Wasserstein Distance and its Behaviour along Geodesics
10. Absolutely Continuous

Enzler, Stefan - Material Flow Management, ebook

Material Flow Management

Enzler, Stefan


Measuring Environmental Performance with EPM-KOMPAS Software Tool — Material Flow Analyses, Environmental Assessment and Success Control
Edeltraud Günther, Susann Kaulich
5. Integrated Controlling Based on Material and Energy Flow