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Cellary, Wojciech - Interactive 3D Multimedia Content, ebook

Interactive 3D Multimedia Content

Cellary, Wojciech


Dynamic Database Modeling of 3D Multimedia Content
Krzysztof Walczak
5. Building Configurable 3D Web Applications with Flex-VR
Krzysztof Walczak
6. Modeling Interactive Augmented Reality Environments
Rafał Wojciechowski
7. Secure User-Contributed

Buyya, Rajkumar - Content Delivery Networks, ebook

Content Delivery Networks

Buyya, Rajkumar


Dynamic, Scalable, and Efficient Content Replication Techniques
Yan Chen
4. Content Delivery and Management
Claudia Canali, Valeria Cardellini, Michele Colajanni, Riccardo Lancellotti
5. Caching Techniques on CDN Simulated Frameworks

Hall, Jonas - Mathematical Modeling: Applications with GeoGebra, ebook

Mathematical Modeling: Applications with GeoGebra

Hall, Jonas


A logical problem-based introduction to the use of GeoGebra for mathematical modeling and problem solving within various areas of mathematics
A well-organized guide to mathematical modeling techniques for evaluating and solving problems in the diverse

Bokmiller, Don - Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011, ebook

Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011

Bokmiller, Don


Explores the basics of the interface, how to create and use project templates, how to generate schedules that show quantities, materials, design dependencies, and more Examines the mechanical side of Revit MEP, including chapters on creating logical air, water, and fire protection systems and evaluating