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Goodhew, Steve - Sustainable Construction Processes: A Resource Text, ebook

Sustainable Construction Processes: A Resource Text

Goodhew, Steve


This book explores the concepts and practicalities that lead to sustainable construction. It breaks new ground by providing the reader with the underlying principles of how to build sustainably and then assesses many of the tools required for the task.…

Garneau, Michelle - Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Fluxes and Processes, ebook

Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Fluxes and Processes

Garneau, Michelle


The Use of Carbon Mass Budgets and Stable Carbon Isotopes to Examine Processes Affecting CO2 and CH4 Production in the Experimental FLUDEX Reservoirs
Cory J.D. Matthews, Jason J. Venkiteswaran, Vincent L. St. Louis, Sherry L. Schiff
16. Mass Balance of Organic

Kabanov, Yuri - Markets with Transaction Costs, ebook

Markets with Transaction Costs

Kabanov, Yuri


Table of contents
1. Approximative Hedging
Yuri Kabanov, Mher Safarian
2. Arbitrage Theory for Frictionless Markets
Yuri Kabanov, Mher Safarian
3. Arbitrage Theory under Transaction Costs
Yuri Kabanov, Mher Safarian
4. Consumption–Investment Problems
Yuri Kabanov, Mher Safarian
5. Appendix

Naftali, Orna - Children in China, ebook

Children in China

Naftali, Orna


This book explores how government policies introduced in China over the last few decades and processes of social and economic change are reshaping the lives of children and the meanings of childhood in complex, contradictory ways.
Drawing on a broad range of literature