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Silver, Steven D. - Networked Consumers, ebook

Networked Consumers

Silver, Steven D.


Environments of Networked Consumers: Random Processes in the Generation of Institutional Forms
Steven D. Silver
4. Clustering and Content Overlap in Networked Consumers
Steven D. Silver
5. Hierarchical Allocation Heuristics in Networked Consumers

Buchan, Jenny - Franchisees as Consumers, ebook

Franchisees as Consumers

Buchan, Jenny


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jenny Buchan
2. The Franchisor
Jenny Buchan
3. The Franchise Network: Legal Fabric of a Global Player
Jenny Buchan
4. The Franchisee
Jenny Buchan
5. Contract Law
Jenny Buchan

Chi, Ting - Chinese Consumers and the Fashion Market, ebook

Chinese Consumers and the Fashion Market

Chi, Ting


Facing the Rising Consumer Sophistication: Identifying the Factors that Influence Chinese Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Customized Apparel
Chunmin Lang, Ruirui Zhang, Li Zhao
2. What Will Trigger a Non-buyer to Become a Buyer in China’s Luxury Goods

Bevir, Mark - Governance, Consumers and Citizens, ebook

Governance, Consumers and Citizens

Bevir, Mark


‘It’s Not Like Shopping’: Citizens, Consumers and the Reform of Public Services
John Clarke
6. The Governance of Health Policy in the United Kingdom
Ian Greener, Martin Powell, Nick Mills, Shane Doheny
7. Regulating Markets in the Interest of

Harris, Roma - Configuring Health Consumers, ebook

Configuring Health Consumers

Harris, Roma


Table of contents
1. Health(y) Citizenship: Technology, Work and Narratives of Responsibility
Sally Wyatt, Roma Harris, Nadine Wathen
2. In Sickness and in Health: Public and Private Responsibility for Health Care from Bismarck to Obama
Leslie Bella
3. Power to the Patient? A Critical Examination of Patient

Chan, T. S. - Multinationals and Global Consumers, ebook

Multinationals and Global Consumers

Chan, T. S.


Table of contents
1. International Business Research in Asia
Shige Makino, T. S. Chan, Geng Cui
Part I. Multinationals and Organizational Management
2. A Test of Agency Costs in Strategic Alliances
Jung-Ho Lai, Sheng-Syan Chen, Shao-Chi…

Sezgin, Erkan - e-Consumers in the Era of New Tourism, ebook

e-Consumers in the Era of New Tourism

Sezgin, Erkan


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Consumer Metamorphosis in the Digital Age
İnci Oya Coşkun, Hakan Yılmaz
2. Mobile Communication and Applications in Tourism
Hakan Yılmaz, Serkan Olgaç
3. Usage of E-Loyalty Programs in Hospitality…