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Arnold, Chris - Ethical Marketing and The New Consumer, ebook

Ethical Marketing and The New Consumer

Arnold, Chris


Particularly those consumers who feel strongly about the environment often treat buying green as an ethical and moral imperative. Empowered, informed, and willing to make a political point with their dollars, these consumers are

Emilien, Gerard - Consumer Perception of Product Risks and Benefits, ebook

Consumer Perception of Product Risks and Benefits

Emilien, Gerard


Table of contents
Part I. Product Risks
1. Types of Consumer Products
Ilene B. Zackowitz, Michael J. Vredenburgh, Meriel Bench, Alison G. Vredenburgh
2. Risks of Consumer Products
John Kozup
3. Non-Clinical Research-Based Product Assessment
Dominique Deplanque
4. Clinical Research-Based Product

Field, Amanda J - Sherlock Holmes in Advertising, ebook

Sherlock Holmes in Advertising

Field, Amanda J


Linking Holmes with consumer products in this way implies that the detective was becoming a ‘brand’ in his own right. But if he was a brand, then what values did he portray? Why would advertisers want to associate those

Andricopoulos, Yannis - The Cultural Challenge, ebook

The Cultural Challenge

Andricopoulos, Yannis


In a world turned into the corporations' playground, this is also the battle for human values, civic virtues and an ethical society. The Greek Inheritance traces the conflict between Greek values and those of the repressive, religious