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Bratton, Susan - Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day, ebook

Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Bratton, Susan


Updated with 100 pages of new content, this edition is better than ever
In the newest edition of his top-selling book, social media expert Dave Evans bypasses theory to provide you with practical, hands-on advice on developing, implementing, and measuring social media

Al-Deen, Hana S. Noor - Social Media and Strategie Communications, ebook

Social Media and Strategie Communications

Al-Deen, Hana S. Noor


Advertising in Social Network Games: How Consumer Persuasion Knowledge and Advertiser Sincerity Impact eWOM of Marketer-Generated Messages
Jin Kyun Lee, Sara Steffes Hansen
2. Twitter as Gateway to Relationship Marketing: A Content Analysis of Relationship

Neher, Krista - Visual Social Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Visual Social Marketing For Dummies

Neher, Krista


Smart marketers know their companies need to tap into this, but where and how to start? Visual Social Marketing For Dummies offers a clear roadmap for creating effective, well-defined visual social marketing strategies as part of your overall marketing and social media

 - Dialogmarketing Perspektiven 2016/2017, ebook

Dialogmarketing Perspektiven 2016/2017


User-Generated Brand Storytelling: Nutzer als Storyteller und User-Generated Content als Instrumente der Markenführung
Carsten W. Hennig, Oliver Ruf, Matthias Schulten
10. Kooperative Monetarisierung auf YouTube – Gestaltungsoptionen

Petruzzellis, Luca - Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing, ebook

Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing

Petruzzellis, Luca


The Role of Anger in the Context of Consumer Reactions to Advertising Incongruity
Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Priska Heinzle
2. Cross-Language Comparison of the Persuasive Effects of Typeface Shapes: A Conceptual Framework
Yi-Fen Liu, I-Ling Ling, Jacob Y.

Noam, Eli M. - Peer-to-Peer Video, ebook

Peer-to-Peer Video

Noam, Eli M.


The Economics of User Generated Content and Peer-to-Peer: The Commons as the Enabler of Commerce
Eli M. Noam
2. Peer-to-Peer Media File Sharing: From Copyright Crisis to Market?
W. Edward Steinmueller
3. The Economics