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Foxall, Gordon R. - Understanding Consumer Choice, ebook

Understanding Consumer Choice

Foxall, Gordon R.


Table of contents
1. Marketing’s Attitude Problem
Gordon R. Foxall
2. Consumer Behavior
Gordon R. Foxall
3. The Behavior of Consumers’ Attitudes
Gordon R. Foxall
4. Prior Behavior
Gordon R. Foxall
5. The Situated Consumer
Gordon R. Foxall
6. Attitudes, Situations, and Behavior

Chi, Ting - Chinese Consumers and the Fashion Market, ebook

Chinese Consumers and the Fashion Market

Chi, Ting


Facing the Rising Consumer Sophistication: Identifying the Factors that Influence Chinese Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Customized Apparel
Chunmin Lang, Ruirui Zhang, Li Zhao
2. What Will Trigger a Non-buyer to Become

Emilien, Gerard - Consumer Perception of Product Risks and Benefits, ebook

Consumer Perception of Product Risks and Benefits

Emilien, Gerard


Perception, Attitudes, Intentions, Decisions and Actual Behavior
Arnout R. H. Fischer
18. Consumer Products and Consumer Behavior
Antony Davies
19. Consumer Resistance: From Anti-Consumption to Revenge
Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno, Mina Rohani, Yany

Alevizou, Panayiota J. - Sustainability in Fashion, ebook

Sustainability in Fashion

Alevizou, Panayiota J.


An Exploration of Consumers’ Perceptions Towards Sustainable Fashion – A Qualitative Study in the UK
Zhen Lai, Claudia E. Henninger, Panayiota J. Alevizou
6. Ethical Consumption Patterns and the Link to Purchasing Sustainable Fashion
Claudia E. Henninger,

Lu, Pierre Xiao - Elite China: Luxury Consumer Behavior in China, ebook

Elite China: Luxury Consumer Behavior in China

Lu, Pierre Xiao


A ground-breaking exploration of the Chinese elite's consumption of luxury products and their attitudes toward luxury goods. Elite China identifies the Chinese luxury product consumers and the characteristics of their luxury consumption, explains the

Zokaityte, Asta - Financial Literacy Education, ebook

Financial Literacy Education

Zokaityte, Asta


A Financial Literacy Indicator—Measuring Consumer Financial Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes to Money
Asta Zokaityte
5. Personal Finance Education at English Schools
Asta Zokaityte
6. Edu-Regulating Consumers Through