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Dummies, Consumer - Spanish All-in-One For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Spanish All-in-One For Dummies®

Dummies, Consumer


Your comprehensive guide to speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish!
Want to speak Spanish? Looking to improve your Spanish skills? Now you can start today with these minibooks, which give you the expert instruction you need to master Spanish…

Investments, Fisher - Fisher Investments on Consumer Discretionary, ebook

Fisher Investments on Consumer Discretionary

Investments, Fisher


This installment of the Fisher Investments On series is a comprehensive guide to the Consumer Discretionary industry—which includes companies such as auto manufacturers, homebuilders, sports equipment manufacturers, hotel developers and operators, cruise lines, retail websites, and

Principato, Ludovica - Food Waste at Consumer Level, ebook

Food Waste at Consumer Level

Principato, Ludovica


Table of contents
1. The Complexity of Food Waste at Consumption Level: Definitions, Data, Causes and Impacts
Ludovica Principato
2. Factors and Behaviours Affecting Food Waste at Consumption Level: The Household Food Waste Journey Model

Arnold, Chris - Ethical Marketing and The New Consumer, ebook

Ethical Marketing and The New Consumer

Arnold, Chris


Particularly those consumers who feel strongly about the environment often treat buying green as an ethical and moral imperative. Empowered, informed, and willing to make a political point with their dollars, these consumers are

Ammi, Chantal - Global Consumer Behavior, ebook

Global Consumer Behavior

Ammi, Chantal


This presents both problems and opportunities in the emergence of a new type of consumer and the effects of globalization on industry in terms of culture, economics, marketing, and social issues at every scale from local to global.
The main aim of the book is to