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Crowe, Norman - Visual Notes for Architects and Designers, ebook

Visual Notes for Architects and Designers

Crowe, Norman


The completely updated step-by-step guide to¿capturing experiences in sketch format—regardless of artistic ability
Recording your ideas and observations primarily in pictures instead of words can help you become more creative and constructive on the job, no matter what your level

Flanagan, Tim A. - Building Conflict Competent Teams, ebook

Building Conflict Competent Teams

Flanagan, Tim A.

From 32,90€

Team members will learn the importance of establishing a safe team climate, agreeing on processes to guide interactions, and use of constructive communication skills in order to develop a conflict competent team.
As the authors say, conflict is not to be avoided,

Westheimer, Ruth K. - Rekindling Romance For Dummies, ebook

Rekindling Romance For Dummies

Westheimer, Ruth K.


With the help of self-exams and easy exercises, she shows you how to: Rate the romance in your relationship Renew respect and commitment Spice up your sex life Find time for Romance in everyday situations Plan a romantic getaway
Full of straight-talk about real-life relationship

Abbass, Hussein A. - Data and Decision Sciences in Action, ebook

Data and Decision Sciences in Action

Abbass, Hussein A.


Automated Techniques for Generating Behavioural Models for Constructive Combat Simulations
Matt Selway, Kerryn R. Owen, Richard M. Dexter, Georg Grossmann, Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner
9. Analytic and Probabilistic