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Chern, Cyril - Chern on Dispute Boards, ebook

Chern on Dispute Boards

Chern, Cyril


A dispute board is a panel of impartial members, appointed at the outset of the construction contract, whose purpose is to monitor progress, resolve disputes as they arise and provide a forum for discussing difficult matters.
This book provides an in depth analysis of dispute board

Stephenson, Douglas S. - Arbitration Practice in Construction Contracts, ebook

Arbitration Practice in Construction Contracts

Stephenson, Douglas S.


Since it came into force on 31 January 1997 the Arbitration Act 1996 has generally been welcomed by users and practitioners in the construction industry. It has fulfilled expectations that it would provide a user-friendly and practical basis of resolving disputes arising from construction

Reynolds, Michael P. - The Expert Witness in Construction Disputes, ebook

The Expert Witness in Construction Disputes

Reynolds, Michael P.


The role of the expert witness has long been important in construction litigation and arbitration and most other types of dispute resolution. Today there is a heavier burden on experts because of the diversity of the appropriate dispute process and the added responsibility this brings.

Barnes, Peter - The JCT 2011 Building Sub-contracts, ebook

The JCT 2011 Building Sub-contracts

Barnes, Peter


The majority of construction work is carried out by sub-contractors, and the JCT 2011 suite of contracts has a full range of sub-contracts to cover these works. As building projects become more complex, sub-contractors need to become more familiar with the agreements they