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Lacey, Robert J. - Pragmatic Conservatism, ebook

Pragmatic Conservatism

Lacey, Robert J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert J. Lacey
2. Edmund Burke: Pragmatic Conservative
Robert J. Lacey
3. Walter Lippmann: Unlikely Conservative
Robert J. Lacey
4. Reinhold Niebuhr: Prophetic Conservative
Robert J. Lacey
5. Peter Viereck: Reverent Conservative
Robert J. Lacey

Abel, Corey - The Meanings of Michael Oakeshott's Conservatism, ebook

The Meanings of Michael Oakeshott's Conservatism

Abel, Corey


Together, they address the meanings of Oakeshott's conservatism through the lenses of his ideas on religion, history, and tradition, and explore his relationships to philosophers ranging from Hume to Ryle, Cavell, and others. The collection assigns no single or final

Gottfried, Paul Edward - Conservatism in America, ebook

Conservatism in America

Gottfried, Paul Edward


Table of contents
1. The Invention of American Conservatism
Paul Edward Gottfried
2. Conservative Theory in Context
Paul Edward Gottfried
3. On Top of the Heap
Paul Edward Gottfried
4. Whither the Right?
Paul Edward Gottfried

Glenn, Brian J - Conservatism and American Political Development, ebook

Conservatism and American Political Development

Glenn, Brian J


Education Policy from 1980 to Present: The Politics of Privatization, Jeffrey Henig Conclusion: Conservatism and American Political Development Afterword: An Attenuated Reconstruction: The Conservative Turn in American Political Development, Stephen Skowronek