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Weisberg, Josh - Consciousness, ebook


Weisberg, Josh


The challenge of fitting consciousness into our modern scientific worldview, of taking the subjective “feel” of conscious experience and showing that it is just neural activity in the brain, is among the most intriguing explanatory problems of our times.

Radman, Zdravko - Before Consciousness, ebook

Before Consciousness

Radman, Zdravko


Without consciousness we would not have the experientially flavoured world we have, but without the non-conscious we would not have it at all; for we would not be able to breathe, eat, move, walk, feel, mimic, gesture, laugh, etc., and even see, talk, remember, reason, understand, think,

Heinämaa, Sara - Consciousness, ebook


Heinämaa, Sara


The Problem of Consciousness in Aristotle's Psychology
Juha Sihvola
3. Ownness of Conscious Experience in Ancient Philosophy
Pauliina Remes
4. Sense-Perception and Self-Awareness: Before and After Avicenna
Jari Kaukua, Taneli Kukkonen

Wallace, Rodrick - Consciousness, ebook


Wallace, Rodrick


Table of contents
1. What is Consciousness?
2. Information Theory
3. Cognition as Generalized Language
4. The Fluctuating Dynamic Threshold
5. Extending the Model
6. Where Does all This Lead?
7. References
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Chella, Antonio - Artificial Consciousness, ebook

Artificial Consciousness

Chella, Antonio


The book is interdisciplinary and focuses on the topic of artificial consciousness: from neuroscience to artificial intelligence, from bioengineering to robotics. It provides an overview on the current state of the art of research in the field of artificial consciousness

Lorimer, David - Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality, ebook

Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality

Lorimer, David


The Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality project was set up with the support of the John Templeton Foundation in order to examine critical issues at the interface between science, religion and the relatively new field of ‘consciousness

Budra, Paul - Shakespeare and Consciousness, ebook

Shakespeare and Consciousness

Budra, Paul


Consciousness, Cognitive Science, and Character
2. Consciousness and Cognition in Shakespeare and Beyond
Clifford Werier
3. Shakespeare Studies and Consciousness
Edward Pechter
4. Hamlet in the Bat Cave
Paul Budra
Part II. Consciousness

Cavanna, Andrea Eugenio - Neuroimaging of Consciousness, ebook

Neuroimaging of Consciousness

Cavanna, Andrea Eugenio


Brain Imaging and Alterations of Consciousness in Epilepsy
4. Temporal Lobe Seizures
Moran Furman, Hal Blumenfeld
5. Absence Seizures
Jean Gotman, George Kostopoulos
6. Generalized Tonic–Clonic Seizures
A. LeBron Paige, Andrea E. Cavanna