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Dorland, Su - Exam Stress?: No Worries!, ebook

Exam Stress?: No Worries!

Dorland, Su

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The first test-prep guide to conquering the toughest exam challenge of all—stress!
Each year millions of high school and college students sit down to the make-or-break SAT or final exams. And while the content of a course may not be impossible to master, for many, the stress

Shaw, Peter J. A. - Raise Your Game: How to succeed at work, ebook

Raise Your Game: How to succeed at work

Shaw, Peter J. A.


You love your job but you feel out of control and are having to run to keep up.  How can you successfully step up to deliver the expectations upon you? How can you build on your strengths to get a grip on your new responsibilities quickly?  How can you conquer

Bell, Stacy L. - Firefighter Exam For Dummies, ebook

Firefighter Exam For Dummies

Bell, Stacy L.


Coverage of reading comprehension, math, principles of mechanics, tool usage and recognition, memorization and visualization, and on-the-job scenarios Study advice and test-taking tips 4 full-length practice exams with answers and detailed explanations including