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Bravo-Rodríguez, José - Computers and Education, ebook

Computers and Education

Bravo-Rodríguez, José


Table of contents
1. A History of E-Learning
Paul Nicholson
2. .Lrn: E-Learning Inside and Outside The Classroom
Carl Robert Blesius, Pablo Moreno-Ger, Gustaf Neumann, Emmanuelle Raffenne, Jesús González Boticario, Carlos Delgado Kloos

Costa, Rogério - Computers and Education, ebook

Computers and Education

Costa, Rogério


Table of contents
1. Applications of Adaptive Hypermedia in Education
Rosa M. Carro
2. Protocols of Coordination and Structured Communication in Synchronous CSCL Environments
Crescencio Bravo
3. Components of an EML Proposal for Collaborative…

Mealing, Stuart - Computers and Art, Second Edition, ebook

Computers and Art, Second Edition

Mealing, Stuart


Computers & Art gathers together contributions from a broad, international spectrum of experts concerned with the computer as a tool for artists. Their approaches vary, contributors looking variously at the historical, philosophical and practical implications, amongst others, of the use

Lundin, Per - Computers in Swedish Society, ebook

Computers in Swedish Society

Lundin, Per


Table of contents
1. Background and Theoretical Assumptions
Per Lundin
2. Documenting the Use of Computers
Per Lundin
3. Oral Evidence and the Swedish Historiography of Computing
Per Lundin

Blanford, Ann - People and Computers XX — Engage, ebook

People and Computers XX — Engage

Blanford, Ann


Table of contents
1. Crossmodal Ambient Displays
Patrick Olivier, Han Cao, Stephen W. Gilroy, Daniel G. Jackson
2. Plotting Affect and Premises for Use in Aesthetic Interaction Design: Towards Evaluation for the Everyday
S. Kettley, M.…

Brew, Chris - Language and Computers, ebook

Language and Computers

Brew, Chris

From 31,00€

Language and Computers introduces students to the fundamentals of how computers are used to represent, process, and organize textual and spoken information. Concepts are grounded in real-world examples familiar to students’ experiences of using language

Fincher, Sally - People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life, ebook

People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life

Fincher, Sally


Table of contents
1. Understanding Interaction in Ubiquitous Guerrilla Performances in Playful Arenas
Jennifer G Sheridan, Alan Dix, Simon Lock, Alice Bayliss
2. Towards the Development of CSCW: An Ethnographic Approach
Rabat Iqbal, Anne…

Hempell, Thomas - Computers and Productivity, ebook

Computers and Productivity

Hempell, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Impacts of ICT as a general purpose technology
3. Contributions of ICT to firm productivity
4. ICT productivity and innovations
5. ICT productivity and human capital investments
6. Conclusions

Kącki, Edward - Computers in Medical Activity, ebook

Computers in Medical Activity

Kącki, Edward


Table of contents
1. The Estimation of Reliability in the Preventive Examination of Allergic Diseases with Knowledge Discovery Methods
Bartosz Jędrzejec, Ewa Czarnobilska, Grzegorz Porębski, Krystyna Obtułowicz, Edward Nawarecki
2. Medical…