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Pemberton, Lyn  - Words on the Web: Computer Mediated Communication, ebook

Words on the Web: Computer Mediated Communication

Pemberton, Lyn


New communication technologies – video conferencing,, email and the World Wide Web – have provided a whole new range of ways to interact with others, and students can now observe the emergence and rapid development of linguistic and social conventions for using these media. The studies

Sundar, S. Shyam - The Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology, ebook

The Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology

Sundar, S. Shyam


The Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology offers an unparalleled source for seminal and cutting-edge research on the psychological aspects of communicating with and via emergent media technologies, with leading scholars providing insights that advance our knowledge on human-technology

Costa, Rogério - Computers and Education, ebook

Computers and Education

Costa, Rogério


Protocols of Coordination and Structured Communication in Synchronous CSCL Environments
Crescencio Bravo
3. Components of an EML Proposal for Collaborative Learning Modelling
Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez, Martín Llamas Nistal, Luis Anido-Rifín
4. Analysis

Scollon, Ron - Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, ebook

Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach

Scollon, Ron


This newly revised edition is both a lively introduction and practical guide to the main concepts and challenges of intercultural communication. Grounded in interactional sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, this work integrates theoretical principles and methodological advice, presenting