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Costa, António Pedro - Computer Supported Qualitative Research, ebook

Computer Supported Qualitative Research

Costa, António Pedro


Research through Design: Qualitative Analysis to Evaluate the Usability
António Pedro Costa, Francislê Neri Sousa, António Moreira, Dayse Neri Souza
2. Understanding Participatory Policymaking Processes: Discourse Analysis in Psychosociological Action Research

Byrnes, David - AutoCAD 2010 For Dummies, ebook

AutoCAD 2010 For Dummies

Byrnes, David

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AutoCAD is the hot computer-aided design software known for both its powerful tools and its complexity. AutoCAD 2010 for Dummies is the bestselling guide that walks you through this complicated program so you can build complex 3D technical drawings,

Hippe, Zdzisław S. - Human-Computer Systems Interaction, ebook

Human-Computer Systems Interaction

Hippe, Zdzisław S.


Problems of Knowledge Representation in Computer-Assisted Decision Making Systems
J. L. Kulikowski
5. A Dialogue-Based Interaction System for Human-Computer Interfaces
G. Bel-Enguix, A. H. Dediu, M. D. Jiménez-López

Jeong, Hwa Young - Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications, ebook

Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications

Jeong, Hwa Young


A Layered View Model of Social Experience Design: Beyond Single-User User Experience
Toshihiko Yamakami
7. A New Schedule Strategy of Embedded Multi-core SoC
Tie Qiu, Fangbing Liu, Feng Xia, Ruixuan Qiao
8. A Power-Aware Scheduler Exploiting All Slacks

Lombard, Matt - SolidWorks Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling Bible, ebook

SolidWorks Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling Bible

Lombard, Matt

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If you want to gain proficiency and expertise with SolidWorks surface modeling, this is the resource for you. You'll learn how to apply concepts, utilize tools, and combine techniques and strategies in hands-on tutorials. This Bible covers the range from…