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Kingsley-Hughes, Adrian - Beginning Programming, ebook

Beginning Programming

Kingsley-Hughes, Adrian


Programming allows developers to create a sequence of instructions that enable computers to perform certain functions and tasks Offering the basic best practices and skills for novice programmers, this book helps readers gain new skills for writing

Bullard, Vaughn - Essential XUL Programming, ebook

Essential XUL Programming

Bullard, Vaughn


Featuring two tutorials on programming with XUL, this book shows developers how to use basic XUL elements to build a sample interface for an e-commerce site, then goes on to explore more sophisticated applications by creating an information portal inside an application.

Johnson, Chris F. A. - Pro Bash Programming, ebook

Pro Bash Programming

Johnson, Chris F. A.


Table of contents
1. Hello, World! Your First Shell Program
Chris F. A. Johnson
2. Input, Output, and Throughput
Chris F. A. Johnson
3. Looping and Branching
Chris F. A. Johnson
4. Command-Line Parsing and Expansion
Chris F. A. Johnson
5. Parameters and Variables
Chris F. A. Johnson

Lubbers, Peter - Pro HTML5 Programming, ebook

Pro HTML5 Programming

Lubbers, Peter


Table of contents
1. Overview of HTML5
Peter Lubbers, Brian Albers, Frank Salim
2. Using the HTML5 Canvas API
Peter Lubbers, Brian Albers, Frank Salim
3. Working with HTML5 Audio and Video
Peter Lubbers, Brian Albers, Frank Salim

Barry, Paul - Programming the Network with Perl, ebook

Programming the Network with Perl

Barry, Paul


After providing an introduction to the Perl programming language, this helpful guide teaches computer networking using Perl. Topics discussed include ethernet network analysis, programming standard Internet protocols,

Jungck, Peder - packetC Programming, ebook

packetC Programming

Jungck, Peder


Table of contents
Part I. packetC Background
1. Origins of packetC
Peder Jungck, Ralph Duncan, Dwight Mulcahy
2. Introduction to the packetC Language
Peder Jungck, Ralph Duncan, Dwight Mulcahy
3. Style Guidelines for packetC Program

Blum, Richard - C# Network Programming, ebook

C# Network Programming

Blum, Richard


On its own, C# simplifies network programming. Combine it with the precise instruction found in C# Network Programming, and you'll find that building network applications is easier and quicker than ever.
This book helps newcomers get started

Anandakrishnan, Sridhar - Propeller Programming, ebook

Propeller Programming

Anandakrishnan, Sridhar


C Programming for the Propeller
Sridhar Anandakrishnan
13. Programming in Cog-C Mode
Sridhar Anandakrishnan
14. Programming with C and PASM
Sridhar Anandakrishnan
15. Hardware I/O with C
Sridhar Anandakrishnan
16. Using Inline Assembly