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Blanchet, G?rard - Computer Architecture, ebook

Computer Architecture

Blanchet, G?rard


This choice helps to show how techniques, concepts and performances have evolved since the first computers.
The book is divided into five parts. The first four, which are of increasing difficulty, are the core of the book: “Elements of a Basic Architecture”,

Solomon, Michael G. - Computer Forensics JumpStart, ebook

Computer Forensics JumpStart

Solomon, Michael G.


Essential reading for launching a career in computer forensics
Internet crime is on the rise, catapulting the need for computer forensics specialists. This new edition presents you with a completely updated overview of the basic skills that are required as a computer

Holland, Eva - Writing Computer Code: Learn the Language of Computers!, ebook

Writing Computer Code: Learn the Language of Computers!

Holland, Eva


This book serves as an excellent guide to help you start writing in the odd-looking languages that make the web work. Follow simple steps as you work with real code to build your own web robots. Create your robot—write code that builds your robot's body and structure

Jacob, Robert J.K. - Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV, ebook

Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV

Jacob, Robert J.K.


Table of contents
1. The Influence of Improved Task Models on Dialogues
Anke Dittmar, Peter Forbrig
2. Task-Based Web Modelling: The Web Object Life Cycle Modelling Concept
Birgit Bomsdorf, Gerd Szwillus
3. Model-Based Design of Online Help Systems
Milene Selbach Silveira, Simone D.J. Barbosa, Clarisse

Hippe, Zdzisław S. - Human-Computer Systems Interaction, ebook

Human-Computer Systems Interaction

Hippe, Zdzisław S.


Problems of Knowledge Representation in Computer-Assisted Decision Making Systems
J. L. Kulikowski
5. A Dialogue-Based Interaction System for Human-Computer Interfaces
G. Bel-Enguix, A. H. Dediu, M. D. Jiménez-López
6. Consistency-Based vs. Similarity-Based