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Bachrach, Steven M. - Computational Organic Chemistry, ebook

Computational Organic Chemistry

Bachrach, Steven M.


Building upon and updating the successful first edition, the second edition of Computational Organic Chemistry introduces computational modeling methods used as standard tools by organic chemists for searching, rationalizing, and predicting structure

Shukla, Pratyoosh - Advances in Enzyme Biotechnology, ebook

Advances in Enzyme Biotechnology

Shukla, Pratyoosh


Regulatory Motif Identification in Biological Sequences: An Overview of Computational Methodologies
Shripal Vijayvargiya, Pratyoosh Shukla
9. Chitin Deacetylase: Characteristic Molecular Features and Functional Aspects
Nidhi Pareek, V. Vivekanand, R. P.