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Du, Zhenyu - Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation, ebook

Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation

Du, Zhenyu


Pulse Wave Averaging Computation and Clinical Verification
Li Yang, Yunan Hu
8. Conditional Fault Diagnosis of Bubble Sort Graphs under the PMC Model
Shuming Zhou, Jian Wang, Xirong Xu, Jun-Ming Xu
9. Process Simulation of Micro Device with Virtual

Nishizaki, Shin-ya - Theory and Practice of Computation, ebook

Theory and Practice of Computation

Nishizaki, Shin-ya


Table of contents
1. Emotional Narration of Children’s Stories
Jon Aaron Alcantara, Louie Patrice Lu, John Kynneth Magno, Zhayne Soriano, Ethel Ong, Ron Resurreccion
2. Towards Empathic Support Provision for Computer Users
Roman Joseph…

Adamatzky, Andrew - Emergent Computation, ebook

Emergent Computation

Adamatzky, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Simple Deterministic Algorithms for Generating “Good” Musical Rhythms
Godfried T. Toussaint
2. Is Universal Computation a Myth?
Selmer Bringsjord
3. A Hierarchy for

Simon, Matthew - Emergent Computation, ebook

Emergent Computation

Simon, Matthew


Emergent Computation: Bioinformatics
1. A Review of Chemistry
2. A Review of Aspects of Automata Theory
3. The Beginning Numbers
4. Regular Languages: DNA and RNA
5. Context-Free Languages: DNA and RNA
6. Context-Sensitive Languages: DNA, RNA, Proteins

Tourlakis, George - Theory of Computation, ebook

Theory of Computation

Tourlakis, George

From 104,30€

  In addition, this book contains tools that, in principle, can search a set of algorithms to see whether a problem is solvable, or more specifically, if it can be solved by an algorithm whose computations are efficient.  Chapter coverage includes: Mathematical

Cagnoni, Stefano - Genetic and Evolutionary Computation: Medical Applications, ebook

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation: Medical Applications

Cagnoni, Stefano

From 116,80€

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation: Medical Applications provides an overview of the range of GEC techniques being applied to medicine and healthcare in a context that is relevant not only for existing GEC practitioners but also those from other disciplines, particularly health professionals.

Gautschi, Walter - Approximation and Computation, ebook

Approximation and Computation

Gautschi, Walter


An Application of Sobolev Orthogonal Polynomials to the Computation of a Special Hankel Determinant
Paul Barry, Predrag M. Rajković, Marko D. Petković
5. Extremal Problems for Polynomials in the Complex Plane
Borislav Bojanov
6. Energy of Graphs and

Flinn, Andrew - Computation and the Humanities, ebook

Computation and the Humanities

Flinn, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julianne Nyhan, Andrew Flinn
2. Why Oral History?
Julianne Nyhan, Andrew Flinn
3. Individuation Is There in All the Different Strata: John Burrows, Hugh Craig and Willard McCarty
Julianne Nyhan,…