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Porteous, Jack - Structural Timber Design to Eurocode 5, ebook

Structural Timber Design to Eurocode 5

Porteous, Jack


Structural Timber Design to Eurocode 5 provides practising engineers and specialist contractors with comprehensive, detailed information and in-depth guidance on the design of timber structures based on the common rules and rules for buildings in Eurocode

Baird, J. A. - Timber Designers' Manual, ebook

Timber Designers' Manual

Baird, J. A.


This major reference manual covers both overall and detail design of structural timber, including aspects such as shear deflection, creep, dynamic and lateral stability considerations for flexural members.
Available for the first time in paperback, the Third Edition was substantially

Aicher, Simon - Materials and Joints in Timber Structures, ebook

Materials and Joints in Timber Structures

Aicher, Simon


Horizontal Displacements in Medium-Rise Timber Buildings: Basic FE Modeling in Serviceability Limit State
Ida Näslund, Helena Johnsson
2. Improving the Moment Resistance of a Concealed Timber Post Base Joint
Jérôme Humbert, Sang-Joon Lee, Joo-Saeng

Chauhan, Shakti S. - Wood is Good, ebook

Wood is Good

Chauhan, Shakti S.


Natural Resistance of Imported Timbers Against Termites and Fungi in Indian Condition—A Comparison
Rashmi Ramesh Shanbhag, R. Sundararaj, H. C. Nagaveni, G. Vijayalakshmi, B. Lingappa
23. Enhancing Photostability of Wood Coatings Using Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

Grandfield, John - Light Metals 2014, ebook

Light Metals 2014

Grandfield, John


Al2O3-Na3AlF6 Man-Made Ledge Composites for Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
Lv Xiaojun, Zhang Chao, Lai Yanqing, Tian Zhongliang, Jia Ming, Li Jie
99. Structural Characterisation and Thermophysical Properties of the side Ledge in Hall-Héroult Cells

Lindsay, Stephen J. - Light Metals 2011, ebook

Light Metals 2011

Lindsay, Stephen J.


Pressureless Sintering of TiB2-Based Composites Using Ti and Fe Additives for Development of Wettable Cathodes
Hamed Heidari, Houshang Alamdari, Dominique Dubé, Robert Schulz
189. Furan Resin and Pitch Blends as Binders for TiB2-C Cathodes
Jinlong Hou,

Suarez, Carlos E. - Light Metals 2012, ebook

Light Metals 2012

Suarez, Carlos E.


Electrolysis Expansion Performance of Modified Pitch Based TiB2-C Composite Cathode in [K3AlF6/Na3AlF6]-AlF3-Al2O3 Melts
Fang Zhao, Xu jian, Hou Jin-long, Lo Lin-bo, Zhu Jun
236. Development of Technology for Producing a Wettable Coating on a Carbon Cathode