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Milmeister, Gérard - The Rubato Composer Music Software, ebook

The Rubato Composer Music Software

Milmeister, Gérard


Table of contents
1. Overview of Music Theories
Gérard Milmeister
2. The Representation of Music
Gérard Milmeister
3. Architecture of Concepts I: Principles
Gérard Milmeister
4. The Category of Modules
Gérard Milmeister
5. Architecture of Concepts II: Forms and Denotators
Gérard Milmeister

Todd, R. Larry - Mendelssohn : A Life in Music, ebook

Mendelssohn : A Life in Music

Todd, R. Larry


An extraordinary prodigy of Mozartean abilities, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy was a distinguished composer and conductor, a legendary pianist and organist, and an accomplished painter and classicist. Lionized in his lifetime, he is best remembered today for several staples of the concert

Fay, Laurel - Shostakovich : A Life, ebook

Shostakovich : A Life

Fay, Laurel


For this authoritative post-cold-war biography of Shostakovich's illustrious but turbulent career under Soviet rule, Laurel E. Fay has gone back to primary documents: Shostakovich's many letters, concert programs and reviews, newspaper articles, and diaries…

Dregni, Michael - Django : The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend, ebook

Django : The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend

Dregni, Michael


Django Reinhardt was arguably the greatest guitarist who ever lived, an important influence on Les Paul, Charlie Christian, B.B. King, Jerry Garcia, Chet Atkins, and many others. Yet there is no major biography of Reinhardt. Now, in Django, Michael…