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Walker, Anthony - Project Management in Construction, ebook

Project Management in Construction

Walker, Anthony


As with all previous editions of   ProjectManagement in Construction, this sixth edition focuses onsystems theory as the approach suitable for organizing and managingpeople skilled in the design and completion of constructionprojects. It discusses the many competing paradigms and

Edson, Mary C. - A Guide to Systems Research, ebook

A Guide to Systems Research

Edson, Mary C.


Table of contents
1. Philosophical Foundations of Systems Research
Debora Hammond
2. Systems Research Framework
John J. Kineman
3. Problem Structuring and Research Design in Systemic Inquiry
Mary C. Edson, Louis Klein
4. Modeling…

Auvray, Gérard - Complex Systems Design & Management, ebook

Complex Systems Design & Management

Auvray, Gérard


Model-Driven IVV Management with Arcadia and Capella
Jean-Luc Voirin, Stéphane Bonnet, Véronique Normand, Daniel Exertier
7. How to Make Sure the System Level Conformity Assessment: Case of Japanese Consortia in Automotive Communication Protocol

Hammami, Omar - Complex Systems Design & Management, ebook

Complex Systems Design & Management

Hammami, Omar


Simulation and Gaming for Understanding the Complexity of Cooperation in Industrial Networks
Andreas Ligtvoet, Paulien M. Herder
6. FIT for SOA? Introducing the F.I.T.-Metric to Optimize the Availability of Service Oriented Architectures
Sebastian Frischbier,

Brucker, Peter - Complex Scheduling, ebook

Complex Scheduling

Brucker, Peter


Table of contents
1. Scheduling Models
Peter Brucker, Sigrid Knust
2. Algorithms and Complexity
Peter Brucker, Sigrid Knust
3. Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling
Peter Brucker, Sigrid Knust
4. Complex Job-Shop Scheduling
Peter Brucker, Sigrid Knust