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Curlee, Wanda - Complexity Theory and Project Management, ebook

Complexity Theory and Project Management

Curlee, Wanda


The book is intended to be a practical guide to the application of complexity theory to virtual projects. Specifically, the book will be broken down into five major sections. Section 1 will outline the theory

Collinson, Simon - From Complexity to Simplicity, ebook

From Complexity to Simplicity

Collinson, Simon


Diagnosing Complexity and Developing a Simplification Strategy
Simon Collinson, Melvin Jay
3. How to Simplify: People Complexity
Simon Collinson, Melvin Jay
4. How to Simplify: Organizations
Simon Collinson, Melvin Jay
5. How to Simplify: Strategy

Faggini, Marisa - Coping with the Complexity of Economics, ebook

Coping with the Complexity of Economics

Faggini, Marisa


Quantum-like Viewpoint on the Complexity and Randomness of the Financial Market
Olga Choustova
5. Classical and Quantum-Like Randomness and the Financial Market
Andrei Khrennikov
Part III. New Empirical Approaches to Complex Economic Dynamics

Woodside, Arch G. - The Complexity Turn, ebook

The Complexity Turn

Woodside, Arch G.


Embracing the Complexity Turn in Management Research for Modeling Multiple Realities
Arch G. Woodside
2. Taking the Complexity Turn in Strategic Management Theory

Banerjee, Santo - Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012, ebook

Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012

Banerjee, Santo


Uncertainty, Complexity and Fuzzy Logic
İbrahim Özkan, I. Burhan Türkşen
13. Primary School Principals’ Crisis Management Skills
İlknur Çalışkan Maya
14. Evaluation of Post-Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Transformational Leadership According

Erçetin, Şefika Şule - Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2016, ebook

Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2016

Erçetin, Şefika Şule


Contemporary Educational Management Through the String Theory Lens
Şefika Şule Erçetin, Ssali Muhammadi Bisaso
6. Staff Experiences Regarding Student Engagement in Active Learning and Social Environments in New Generation Universities
Şuay Nilhan Açıkalın,

Letiche, Hugo - Coherence in the Midst of Complexity, ebook

Coherence in the Midst of Complexity

Letiche, Hugo


Table of contents
1. Introduction Miracles and Nasty Surprises
Hugo Letiche, Michael Lissack, Ron Schultz
2. The Failure of Models and Labels and the Success of Experience and Emergence
Hugo Letiche, Michael Lissack, Ron Schultz
3. Two Kinds of Coherence—Ascribed and Emergent
Hugo Letiche, Michael Lissack,

Hauser, Florian - Complexity and Artificial Markets, ebook

Complexity and Artificial Markets

Hauser, Florian


Prospect Theory Behavioral Assumptions in an Artificial Financial Economy
Marco Raberto, Andrea Teglio, Silvano Cincotti
6. Computing the Evolution of Walrasian Behaviour
Gonzalo Fernández-de-Córdoba, Álvaro P. Navas
7. Multidimensional Evolving

Colander, David - Complexity Hints for Economic Policy, ebook

Complexity Hints for Economic Policy

Colander, David


Rationality, learning and complexity: from the Homo economicus to the Homo sapiens
A. Vercelli
2. The Confused State of Complexity Economics: An Ontological Explanation
E. Perona
Part II.Modeling Issues I: Modeling