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Ache, Peter - Cities between Competitiveness and Cohesion, ebook

Cities between Competitiveness and Cohesion

Ache, Peter


Discourses and Conceptualizations of Competitiveness and Cohesion
1. Cities Between Competitiveness and Cohesion: Discourses, Realities and Implementation – Introduction
Peter Ache, Hans Thor Andersen
2. Competitiveness

Babu, Suresh - Competitiveness of Global Agriculture, ebook

Competitiveness of Global Agriculture

Babu, Suresh


The Competitiveness of Global Agriculture
Attila Jambor, Suresh Babu
7. Understanding the Factors Behind Agricultural Competitiveness
Attila Jambor, Suresh Babu
8. Strategies for Increasing Competitiveness of Agriculture

Hamori, Shigeyuki - International Competitiveness in Africa, ebook

International Competitiveness in Africa

Hamori, Shigeyuki


Trade Competitiveness: Exchange Rate and Inflation
Ivohasina Fizara Razafimahefa, Shigeyuki Hamori
5. Trade Competitiveness:Exchange Rate, Productivity, and Export Price
Ivohasina Fizara Razafimahefa, Shigeyuki Hamori

Seck, Diery - Investment and Competitiveness in Africa, ebook

Investment and Competitiveness in Africa

Seck, Diery


Public Investment and Competitiveness in ECOWAS: An Empirical Investigation
Akpan H. Ekpo
4. Physical Investment, Health Investment and Income Growth in Africa
Abiodun O. Folawewo, Adeniyi Jimmy Adedokun
5. Do Market Size and Remittances Explain Foreign

Nijkamp, Peter - Innovation, Growth and Competitiveness, ebook

Innovation, Growth and Competitiveness

Nijkamp, Peter


Economic Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness in a Knowledge-Based World Economy: Introduction
Peter Nijkamp, Iulia Siedschlag, Donal Smith
2. Defining Knowledge-Driven Economic Dynamism in the World Economy: A Methodological Perspective
Paschalis A.

Chursin, Alexander - Innovation as a Basis for Competitiveness, ebook

Innovation as a Basis for Competitiveness

Chursin, Alexander


Table of contents
1. Innovative Development of Modern Economy: Basic Principles
Alexander Chursin, Yuri Vlasov, Yury Makarov
2. Innovation, Investment, and Competitive Performance
Alexander Chursin, Yuri Vlasov, Yury Makarov
3. Methodology…

Li-Hua, Richard - Competitiveness of Chinese Firms, ebook

Competitiveness of Chinese Firms

Li-Hua, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Li-Hua
2. Redefining Competitiveness
Richard Li-Hua
3. Innovation with Chinese Characteristics
Richard Li-Hua
4. China’s High-speed Rail Phenomenon
Richard Li-Hua
5. Embracing…