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Miron, John R. - The Geography of Competition, ebook

The Geography of Competition

Miron, John R.


Table of contents
1. The Craft of the Story Teller
John R. Miron
2. The Firm at Home and Abroad
John R. Miron
3. Logistics and Programming
John R. Miron
4. The Struggling Masses
John R. Miron
5. Arbitrage in the Grand…

Longley, Neil - An Absence of Competition, ebook

An Absence of Competition

Longley, Neil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Neil Longley
2. Some Conceptual Foundations: A Primer on the Economic Structure of Professional Sport
Neil Longley
3. The USFL as a Case Study
Neil Longley
4. A Brief History of Post-World War…

Henning-Bodewig, Frauke - Law Against Unfair Competition, ebook

Law Against Unfair Competition

Henning-Bodewig, Frauke


The Law Against Unfair Competition and Its Interfaces
Reto M. Hilty
2. International Unfair Competition Law
Frauke Henning-Bodewig
3. Protection Against Unfair Competition at the International Level — The Paris

Sinn, Hans-Werner - The New Systems Competition, ebook

The New Systems Competition

Sinn, Hans-Werner


Competition between companies tends to be beneficial for the general public, but is this also true for competition between States in a world with global financial markets, low transport costs, and increasing migration? In this book, Sinn provides a solid

Singleton, Susan - Competition Law Compliance: 2008, ebook

Competition Law Compliance: 2008

Singleton, Susan


The UK Competition Act, in force since March 2000 has brought with it rigorous new investigative powers and the potential for serious penalties. The Enterprise Act 2002 tightened the law still further making it a criminal offence to engage in "horizontal" price fixing and bid rigging. As

Dennehy, Jane - Competition, Gender and Management, ebook

Competition, Gender and Management

Dennehy, Jane


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jane Dennehy
2. Gender and Sport
Jane Dennehy
3. The Competition Cage
Jane Dennehy
4. Work-Based Relationships
Jane Dennehy
5. Language and Images
Jane Dennehy
6. Confidence and Success
Jane Dennehy
7. Collisions with Time
Jane Dennehy