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Senger, JoAnn - Designing a Not-for-Profit Compensation System, ebook

Designing a Not-for-Profit Compensation System

Senger, JoAnn


"JoAnn Senger has gone out of the box to address fundamental compensation issues too-often ignored in the public and not-for-profit sectors. She peels away the 'second-class citizen' label and provides effective compensation structures that reward top

Ramachandran, Siddharth - Fiber Based Dispersion Compensation, ebook

Fiber Based Dispersion Compensation

Ramachandran, Siddharth


Fiber designs for high figure of merit and high slope dispersion compensating fibers
Marie Wandel, Poul Kristensen
3. Design optimization of dispersion compensating fibers and their packaging techniques
T. Kato, M. Hirano, T. Fujii, T. Yokokawa, Y. Yamamoto,

Gao, Feng - Advances in Mechanical Design, ebook

Advances in Mechanical Design

Gao, Feng


Research on Yacht Design Method Based on Game Engine
Fuyong Liu, Chaohe Chen, Guoye Long, Guanlin Li, Zhijie Ren
4. Rigid-Flexible Coupling Dynamic Modeling of a Tower Crane with Long Flexible Boom
Xuyang Cao, Yue Yang, Wenjun Wang, Zhenhua Gu
5. Study