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Screpanti, Ernesto - Libertarian Communism, ebook

Libertarian Communism

Screpanti, Ernesto


Table of contents
Part 1. A Theory of Welfare?
1. Communitarian Communism
Ernesto Screpanti
2. The Communism of Abundance
Ernesto Screpanti
Part 2. A Theory of Freedom
3. Freedom and the Individual
Ernesto Screpanti
4. The Emancipation of Labour
Ernesto Screpanti
Part 3. A Reformulation

Dennis, Mike - Sport under Communism, ebook

Sport under Communism

Dennis, Mike


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Contestation in the East German Sports System
Mike Dennis, Jonathan Grix
2. The Political Use of Sport
Mike Dennis, Jonathan Grix
3. The Development of East German Elite Sport
Mike Dennis, Jonathan…

Lowe, Peter - Contending with Nationalism and Communism, ebook

Contending with Nationalism and Communism

Lowe, Peter


Two Approaches to Containing Communism: The Colombo Plan and SEATO
Peter Lowe
5. Democracy, Communism and Militarism in Burma, 1948–65
Peter Lowe
6. Ambivalence and Commitment: Vietnam, 1955–65
Peter Lowe

Glyn-Williams, Owen - Making Communism Hermeneutical, ebook

Making Communism Hermeneutical

Glyn-Williams, Owen


Hermeneutic Communism: Left Heideggerianism’s Last Hope?
Martin Woessner
6. Response to Woessner
Gianni Vattimo, Santiago Zabala
7. Love’s Law? The Principle of Anarchy in a Weakened Communism
Peg Birmingham
8. Response to Birmingham

Kemp, Simon - Was Communism Doomed?, ebook

Was Communism Doomed?

Kemp, Simon


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Simon Kemp
2. The Aims of Communism
Simon Kemp
3. What Is Success for a Communist Economic System?
Simon Kemp
4. A Short History of Communism
Simon Kemp
5. Possible Psychological Flaws in Communism
Simon Kemp
6. The Coordination Problem
Simon Kemp

Whitefield, Stephen - Political Culture and Post-Communism, ebook

Political Culture and Post-Communism

Whitefield, Stephen


Political Culture, Post-Communism and Disciplinary Normalisation: Towards Theoretical Reconstruction
Stephen Welch
7. Culture, Experience, and State Identity: A Survey-Based Analysis of Russians, 1995–2003
Stephen Whitefield
8. Yaroslavl’ Revisited:

Herron, Erik S. - Elections and Democracy after Communism?, ebook

Elections and Democracy after Communism?

Herron, Erik S.


Table of contents
1. Understanding Elections and Democracy in Post-Soviet Space
Erik S. Herron
2. Elections under Soviet Authoritarianism
Erik S. Herron
3. Electoral System Design and Redesign
Erik S. Herron
4. Consequences…