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Waisbord, Silvio - Communication: A Post-Discipline, ebook

Communication: A Post-Discipline

Waisbord, Silvio


Communication studies is a fragmented field. As a result of its roots in various disciplinary traditions, it is built on fluid intellectual boundaries with no theoretical or analytical center. Should we worry about this state of dispersion or be concerned that the discipline does not meet

Middleton, David - Non-Gaussian Statistical Communication Theory, ebook

Non-Gaussian Statistical Communication Theory

Middleton, David


The book is based on the observation that communication is the central operation of discovery in all the sciences. In its "active mode" we use it to "interrogate" the physical world, sending appropriate "signals" and receiving nature's "reply". In the "passive mode" we receive nature's signals

Rhee, Man Young - Mobile Communication Systems and Security, ebook

Mobile Communication Systems and Security

Rhee, Man Young


Mobile Communication Systems and Security arms readers with a thorough understanding of all major cellular air-interface technologies and their security layer techniques. Rhee covers the technological development of wireless mobile communications in

Höst, Stefan - Information and Communication Theory, ebook

Information and Communication Theory

Höst, Stefan


An important text that offers an in-depth guide to how information theory sets the boundaries for data communication
In an accessible and practical style, Information and Communication Theory explores the topic of information theory and includes concrete tools that are appropriate for