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Elliott, Anthony - On Society, ebook

On Society

Elliott, Anthony


Society' is one of the most frequently used words in public life; it is also a foundational term in the social sciences. In our own time, however, the idea has never been so much in dispute and so little understood. For some critics, society

Hassan, Robert - The Information Society: Cyber Dreams and Digital Nightmares, ebook

The Information Society: Cyber Dreams and Digital Nightmares

Hassan, Robert


What are we to make of the information society? Many prominent theorists have argued it to be the most profound and comprehensive transformation of economy, culture and politics since the rise of the industrial way of life in the 18th century. Some saw its arrival in a positive light, where

Servaes, Jan - The European Information Society: A Reality Check, ebook

The European Information Society: A Reality Check

Servaes, Jan


The globalization of social, cultural and economic relations is facilitated, and at the same time conditioned by developments in the information and communications technologies (ICT) and infrastructure. Human knowledge brought mankind from an oral to a literate culture, thanks to the invention

Scollon, Ron - Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, ebook

Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach

Scollon, Ron


This newly revised edition is both a lively introduction and practical guide to the main concepts and challenges of intercultural communication. Grounded in interactional sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, this work integrates theoretical principles and methodological advice, presenting

Hitzelberger, Patrik - From Science to Society, ebook

From Science to Society

Hitzelberger, Patrik


Table of contents
Part I. Applications of Geographical Information Systems and Disaster Management
1. Forecasting the Spatial Distribution of Buildings that Will Remain in the Future
Toshihiro Osaragi, Maki Kishimoto
2. Research on the Potential…

Olukotun, Ayo - Political Communication in Africa, ebook

Political Communication in Africa

Olukotun, Ayo


Political Communication: An Evolving Field Yet to Berth in Africa
Tayo Popoola
3. Political Communication and African Diplomacy
Alaba Cornelius Ogunsanwo
4. African Ethics and African Political Communication: