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Goodman, Lizbeth  - Languages of Theatre Shaped by Women, ebook

Languages of Theatre Shaped by Women

Goodman, Lizbeth


The book discusses a range of performance pieces by women, many of which have specifically avoided communicating a simple, unequivocal meaning to their audience. These are multi-layered performances, some of them created and shared

Dewar, Jacqueline - Mathematics Education, ebook

Mathematics Education

Dewar, Jacqueline


Table of contents
Part I. Benefitting the Readers of this Volume
1. Opening Lines: An Introduction to the Volume
Jacqueline Dewar, Pao-sheng Hsu, Harriet Pollatsek
2. Communication, Culture, and Work in Mathematics Education in Departments of Mathematical Sciences
Shandy Hauk, Allison F. Toney
3. Valuing

Woodruff, Teresa K - Oncofertility Communication, ebook

Oncofertility Communication

Woodruff, Teresa K


Communicating with Patients and Their Families
1. How Do Cancer Patients Learn About Fertility Preservation? Five Trajectories of Experience
Karrie Ann Snyder, William Pearse
2. Communicating Across Diverse and Differently Literate Audiences

Hämmerle, Christa - Gender and the First World War, ebook

Gender and the First World War

Hämmerle, Christa


Introduction: Women’s and Gender History of the First World War — Topics, Concepts, Perspectives
Christa Hämmerle, Oswald Überegger, Birgitta Bader Zaar
2. Women Behind the Lines: The Friuli Region as a Case Study of Total Mobilization, 1915–1917

Priestley, Philip - Probation and Politics, ebook

Probation and Politics

Priestley, Philip


Table of contents
1. Prospect: Probation Past, Present and Future
Maurice Vanstone, Philip Priestley
2. Women and Probation – Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead
Jill Annison
3. Where Did It All Go Wrong? Probation Under New Labour and the Coalition
Lol Burke
4. Social Justice, Human Rights and the

Godev, Concepción B. - Translation, Globalization and Translocation, ebook

Translation, Globalization and Translocation

Godev, Concepción B.


Translating Arab Women Academics: The Case of Olfa Youssef’s Ḥayratu Muslimah
Lamia Benyoussef
4. Communicating Across Cultures: The Case of Primo Levi, Italo Calvino, and Pliny the Elder
Caterina Agostini
5. News Translation and Globalization: