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Costanzo, William V. - World Cinema through Global Genres, ebook

World Cinema through Global Genres

Costanzo, William V.


Innovative pedagogical approach that uses genres to teach the more unfamiliar subject of world cinemaA cluster-based organization provides a solid framework for students to acquire a sharper understanding of core issues that apply to all films around the worldA “deep

Badiou, Alain - Cinema, ebook


Badiou, Alain


For Alain Badiou, films think, and it is the task of the philosopher to transcribe that thinking. What is the subject to which the film gives expressive form? This is the question that lies at the heart of Badiou’s account of cinema.

He contends that cinema is an art form

Ging, Debbie - Men and Masculinities in Irish Cinema, ebook

Men and Masculinities in Irish Cinema

Ging, Debbie


Institutional Boys: Adolescent Masculinity and Coming of Age in Ireland’s ‘Architecture of Containment’
Debbie Ging
5. Family Guys: Detonating the Irish Nuclear Family
Debbie Ging
6. It’s Good to Talk? Language,

Alonso, Alicia - Advanced Techniques in Biophysics, ebook

Advanced Techniques in Biophysics

Alonso, Alicia


IR Reflectance — Absorbance Studies of Peptide Structure, Orientation, and Conformational Flexibility in Langmuir Films: Relevance for Models of Pulmonary Surfactant Action
Carol R. Flach, Peng Cai, Richard Mendelsohn
4. Two-Dimensional Infrared Correlation

Goldsmith, Ben - Australian Screen in the 2000s, ebook

Australian Screen in the 2000s

Goldsmith, Ben


Abroad: Production Tracks and Narrative Trajectories in Films About Australians in Asia
Allison Craven
6. Haunted Art House: The Babadook and International Art Cinema Horror
Amanda Howell
Part II. Representation, Narrative and Aesthetics
7. Gender

Castleman, Tammy - CliffsNotes<sup><small>TM</small></sup> on Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, ebook

CliffsNotesTM on Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

Castleman, Tammy


Chapter summaries and commentaries take you through Scout's coming of age journey. Critical essays give you insight into racial relations in the South during the 1930s, as well as a comparison between the novel and its landmark