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Stables, Andrew - Be(com)ing Human, ebook

Be(com)ing Human

Stables, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Foundations
Andrew Stables
2. Moving in Time
Andrew Stables
3. Thens Within Now
Andrew Stables
4. Be(com)ing Responsible
Andrew Stables
5. Promoting Human Progress
Andrew Stables

Khamis, Sahar - Islam Dot Com, ebook

Islam Dot Com

Khamis, Sahar


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Sahar Khamis
2. The Public Sphere in an Islamic Context
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Sahar Khamis
3. Religion in the Virtual Public Sphere: The Case of Islam
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Sahar…

Evjen, Bill - Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB, ebook

Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB

Evjen, Bill


NET Framework makes incorporating your previous COM components into your applications fairly simple and straightforward. This chapter also shows you how to build .NET components instead of turning to the previous COM component

Lemmon, David R. - Developing Statistical Software in Fortran 95, ebook

Developing Statistical Software in Fortran 95

Lemmon, David R.


Table of contents
1. Motivation
2. Introduction to Modern Fortran
3. A Pseudo Object-Oriented Style
4. Implementing Computational Routines
5. Developing a Console Application
6. Creating and Using Dynamic-Link Libraries
7. Creating COM Servers
8. Creating COM Clients


Bukovics, Bruce - .NET 2.0 Interoperability Recipes, ebook

.NET 2.0 Interoperability Recipes

Bukovics, Bruce


Table of contents
1. Using C-Style APIs
2. C-Style APIs: Structures, Classes, and Arrays
3. Win32 API
4. Using C++ Interop
5. Using COM
6. Exposing Managed Code to COM
7. Marshaling to COM Clients
8. COM+ Enterprise Services
9. COM+ Enterprise Services Transactions

Aspray, William - Food in the Internet Age, ebook

Food in the Internet Age

Aspray, William


Anatomy of a Dot-Com Failure: The Case of Online Grocer Webvan
William Aspray, George Royer, Melissa G. Ocepek
3. The Dark Side of Online Food Businesses: Harms to Consumers and Main Street Businesses
William Aspray, George Royer, Melissa G. Ocepek

Root, Randal - A Tester’s Guide to .NET Programming, ebook

A Tester’s Guide to .NET Programming

Root, Randal


Table of contents
1. Automated Software Testing with .NET
2. Understanding .NET Testing Choices
3. The Basics of Storing Test Data
4. An Overview of .NET Error Handling
5. Creating a Testing Framework
6. Creating Testware Components
7. Automation with Console-Based Testware
8. Introduction to Database