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Beck, Lothar A. - Zoological Collections of Germany, ebook

Zoological Collections of Germany

Beck, Lothar A.


In Past and Recent Times: On the Significance of Zoological Collections in Germany—An Introduction
Lothar A. Beck
2. Germany’s Zoological Collections: An International and Personal View on an Important Historical and

O'Sullivan, Keith - Children's Literature Collections, ebook

Children's Literature Collections

O'Sullivan, Keith


Instruction with Delight: Evidence of Children as Readers in Eighteenth-Century Ireland from the Collections of Dublin City Library and Archive
Máire Kennedy
3. Irish Children’s Books 1696‒1810: Importation, Exportation and the Beginnings of Irish Children’s

, Charles Dickens - Great Expectations, ebook

Great Expectations

, Charles Dickens


Great Expectations includes some of Dickens's most memorable characters - Magwitch, Miss Havisham, Estella - encountered by young Pip as he grows into adulthood. This edition features a wide-ranging introduction, Dickens's working notes, the original…

, Kirkpatrick, Gwen - Leopold Lugones--Selected Writings, ebook

Leopold Lugones--Selected Writings

, Kirkpatrick, Gwen


Argentina's best-known writer during his lifetime, Leopoldo Lugones's work spans many literary styles and ideological positions. He was influential as a modernist poet, as a precursor of the avant-garde, and also as the poet of Argentine nature. His short…

Bolivar, Simon - El Libertador : Writings of Simon Bolivar, ebook

El Libertador : Writings of Simon Bolivar

Bolivar, Simon


General Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), called El Liberator, and sometimes the "George Washington" of Latin America, was the leading hero of the Latin American independence movement. His victories over Spain won independence for Bolivia, Panama, Columbia,…

Andrews, William L. - Classic African American Women's Narratives, ebook

Classic African American Women's Narratives

Andrews, William L.


Classic African American Women's Narratives offers teachers, students, and general readers a one-volume collection of the most memorable and important prose written by African American women before 1865. The book reproduces the canon of African American…

Cambaceres, Eugenio - Pot Pourri : Whistlings of an Idler, ebook

Pot Pourri : Whistlings of an Idler

Cambaceres, Eugenio


Eugenio Cambaceres was the first to introduce the naturalist manner of Emile Zola to Argentinean literature in the late nineteenth century. The work of Cambaceres, a precursor to the contemporary Argentinean novel, is crucial for an understanding of the…